2018 ASHAM High Point Awards
*** Indicates ASHA State Pleasure Horse Winners

5-Gaited Open

CH:The Guidon Bearer-SGF Winning Ways

RCH: Stonecroft I’m Sensational-Courtney Stefanik

Amateur 5-Gaited

CH: The Guidon Bearer-SGF Winning Ways

RCH: Mien Lalique- Lizzie Edgar

Five Gaited Jr. Exhibitor

CH: Dancing Warrior-Kamryn Smith

RCH: Shes The Bomb Dot Com- Stacey Finley

Amateur 3-Gaited

CH: Undulata’s Simbara-Hagerman Farms LLC

Open Park

CH: The Rush Hour- Holly Armstrong

RCH: Kalarama Shine- SGF Winning Ways Farm

Amateur Park

CH: Mystic Starlight- SGF Winning Ways

RCH: Stardust Kitty Katrina-Collette Hicks

5-Gaited Show Pleasure

CH: Meritage Into the Dream-Erin Tribble***

RCH: Apocalyptic-Stacey Finley

Park Pleasure Open

CH: Paddyngton’s Special Effect- Holly Armstrong       

RCH: Tesoro- Lizzie Edgar 

Amateur Park Pleasure

CH:HS Fixation- SGF Winning Ways***

RCH: Yours By Design-SGF Winning Ways

Adult 3-Gaited Show Pleasure

CH: Reedann's Gold Standard- Courtney Czarnik ***

RCH- Step it Up a Notch-Gayle Biederman

Jr. Ex. 3-Gaited Show Pleasure

CH: Kalaram’s McSuper- Mallory Lawrence***     

RCH: Paddyngton's Flashpoint- Holly Armstrong

Adult Country Pleasure 

CH:Demon Blizzard- Sara Ressler***

RCH: Photo in the Park- Nicole Chaaban

Jr. Ex. Country Pleasure

CH: White Lightning-Beverly Costinew***

RCH: All New Sensation-Stacey Finley                                                   

Show Pleasure Driving

CH: Catalino- SGF Winning Ways Farm***

Adult Country Pleasure Hunter Pleasure

CH: Inside Scoop-Courtney Stefanik***

RCH: My Barritz- Jake Reed

Jr. Ex. Country Hunter Pleasure

CH: Treasure Isle-Mallory Lawrence

RCH: White Lightning-Beverly Costinew

Country Western Pleasure

CH: Cloverleaf I Am Legend- Jennifer Gulati***

RCH: Giovanni Ritz- Roxanne Feldkamp

Saddleseat Eq. 14-17

CH:Camryn Mallery

Walk/Trot Saddleseat Eq.

CH: Ella Sworm

RCH: Karsen Reinhart

Hunt Seat Equitation

CH: Mallory Lawrence

RCH: Maddi Montpas

Walk/Trot 11 and Under Pleasure

CH: Royal Crests Stone Idol- Charlotte Elwert

Western Seat Equitation

CH: Alyssa Ethington

COTB Open Saddleseat

CH: Thunder Crackin'- Lauren Greenwald

RCH: : Must Be Millenium- Pam Specht

COTB Jr. Ex. Saddleseat

CH: All New Sensation-Stacey Finley

COTB Huntseat

CH: Treasure Isle-Mallory Lawrence

RCH: My Barritz- Jake Reed

COTB Western

CH: Giovanni Ritz- Roxanne Feldkamp

Open Parade

CH: Paddyngton’s Mark of Distinction- Holly Armstrong

Hackney Pleasure Pony Driving

CH: Reedann’s Liberace- Jacqueline Hawkes

RCH: Crystal Creeks New Generation-SGF Winning Ways Farm

Roadster Pony

CH: Regal's Special Effect LF- SGF Winning Ways Farm

RCH: Hopes and Dreams-Katherine Hicks

2018 Region 6 High Point

Five-Gaited Junior Exhibitor

Dancing Warrior-owner/rider Kamryn Smith

Three-Gaited Park Amateur

Mystic Starlight- owner/ rider Sherry Frankel/SGF Winning Ways Farm

Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Open

Apocalyptic- owned by Stacey Finley, Ridden by Kristen Neddermeyer

Open English Pleasure

Thunder Crackin’-owner/rider Lauren Greenwald

Open Western Pleasure

 Cloverleaf I Am Legend-owner/rider Jennifer Gulati



 Mark of Distinction-owner/rider Holly Armstrong

Open Three Gaited Park

The Rush Hour- Holly Armstrong

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