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Frances Dodge Sportsmanship Award

This award is presented each year by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Michigan during the ASHAM Charity Fall Horse Show. It is given in honor of Frances Dodge and awarded to a current amateur ASHAM member who exhibits exceptional sportsmanship both in and out of the show ring. This individual must also help to promote the American Saddlebred and/or Hackney Pony in the state of Michigan and volunteer their time to the association at various events.

Frances Dodge was born in Detroit, MI in 1914 to John and Matilda Dodge. She grew up with a special love for the American Saddlebred, and also enjoyed showing Hackney Ponies. She founded Dodge Stables at her mother's estate, Meadow Brook Farms, in Rochester, Michigan. By 1940, she was well on her way to establishing the finest equine complex and breeding program in the country. Frances was one of the top amateurs of her time and always received the highest praise from her competitors for her sportsmanlike manner in which she conducted herself, Dodge Stables and its show string.

  1. Both the nominator and the nominee must be current ASHAM members in good standing.

  2. A short biography of the nominee must be included when submitting a application.

  3. There is no age limit of the nominee.

  4. The nominee must contribute to promoting the American Saddlebred and/or Hackney Pony in the state of Michigan.

  5. The nominee must support and volunteer their time to ASHAM functions, including the ASHAM Charity Fall Horse Show.

The Winner of the award will be selected by the ASHAM Board of Directors from all applications received.

Completed forms must be received by September 1 of the current year and emailed or mailed to:

Pat VanSickle

207-759 Second Street

London, Ont CAN N5V 2B8

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