Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of The Year Award and Perpetual Trophy

In 2013, The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHAM) introduced the Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Award and perpetual trophy. This award was created by Thomas and Stephanie Steele to honor the memory of their beloved American Saddlebred Horse, Star Flyte Stonewall.


Affectionately known as "Captain Hayface," Star Flyte Stonewall spent the majority of his career as a lesson horse, teaching riders like Thomas and Stephanie the integrity, discipline, and dedication of both horsemanship and horse ownership. After his passing, the Steeles were determined to not only honor his memory, but also acknowledge the great lesson horses that are the backbone of our riding programs. This award is the first ever to recognize a lesson horse that has shown outstanding achievement and exemplary behavior through the ASHAM organization.

Each winning horse will receive their name engraved on the base of the trophy, an engraved stall plaque, and unlimited photo opportunities with the trophy.

Please email Stephanie Steele if you wants to nominate your lesson horse.

Congratulations to Royal Crest's Pebble Beach, the 2019 recipient for Wes and Sena Bowling.
"Pebbles" as she is lovingly refered to by all who know her, is a Saddlebred mare helping teach every level of rider at Taylor Creek Stables. Pebbles can also be found carrying riders around the show arena in the Academy Program.

Presented by: Thomas G Steele and Steph Steele

2013 Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Winner

Cameron Crest Stonewall and Taylor Creek Stables
(248) 459-0059

2014 Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Winner

Paradise’s Summer Flight and Tom Sworm Stables
(810) 513-0568

2015 Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Winner

Calleway's Time to Dance owned by the Montpas family and High Times Stables

More about High Times Stables

2016 Star Flyte Stonewall Lesson Horse of the Year Winner

Lightning Struck PHF owned by Wes and Sean Bowling and Charlotte Elwert

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